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Break time, the kid that shot America🥺

Break time, the kid that shot America🥺

May 27, 2022

In the process of losing weight, you have to understand that at the gym you break the muscles and with good nutrition and rest you rebuild your muscles to become stronger.

By doing that, your body consumes more energy and that helps us lose weight.

That's why today I want to take a break and discuss about the tragedy from America with the kid that shot the kids in school.


Don’t try to break the internal communication between your brain and internal organs❗

Don’t try to break the internal communication between your brain and internal organs❗

May 26, 2022

When it's about people who want to lose weight and be healthy I don't think as a personal trainer or nutritionist you need to explain all the technical things about proteins, fats, carbs, amino acids etc.

They are not athletes❗

The one basic rule for these people is to understand to not break the communication between their brain and internal organs.

By listening to the propaganda of the big companies "you don't have to do anything, we do it for you!" And sell you some mixing powders that "subsidies" a full meal break this communication if you take it for a long time.

And is not hard to do it because these companies need money, which means they have to sell more which means to convince you to buy more and drink more.

This analogy with steroids is very simple.

If you start taking steroids(just for muscles) your brain will say: "hey organs that produce steroids you don't have to work anymore" and in this way, they stop producing in a natural way steroids.

When the external source disappears the brain tries as hard as possible to communicate with these organs to produce steroids at the same levels but they can't because they become lazy.

The same thing happens with supplements when you abuse them, disrupting the communication between your brain and internal organs.

You have to understand what will happen!

You have to understand what will happen!

May 24, 2022

That's why my first meeting with a client is around 1- 1 and a half hours long when it comes to losing weight.

First I have to ask lots of questions to know my client much better, to be able to read my client as much as possible and create a bigger picture.

Then the next part is where I explain to you(my client) the process that we going through for the next month.

Because the first month is the most important one. You are very excited about starting a new thing. You will have lots of pain and sourness. Because everything you will do you think that is the end of the world and this thing is not for you because you create the image inside of your brain that every time will be the same(pain, sourness, struggling etc.)

But you have to hang on in there and move forward because you can and because the results will appear sooner than you think.

I have to speak in a language that you can understand, and tell you why some stuff is important and we have to take care of them.

Why we don't have to focus on losing fat. We have to focus on the muscles to protect the joints.

Exercising with your body weight are the ones that prepare you for the weights.

And the journey of losing weight continues💪




What I will do if you were my client?

What I will do if you were my client?

May 23, 2022

I will start this process of losing weight by knowing much better the person in front of me.

Every small detail and all the questions that I will ask will help me create a bigger picture and know how to guide the person to lose weight in a healthy way.

By knowing about their lifestyle, job, home, family, level of stress, if they are organized or not, what they eat, etc. I will know how to explain and make like a map for him with coordinates, time and what goal we have to reach and what we have to be aware of.

Losing weight is a process and we can to learn so many things about ourselves.


The personal trainer industry is not focused on people but on money 💵

The personal trainer industry is not focused on people but on money 💵

May 22, 2022

Let's talk about this industry a little bit because this part I want to be on my audiobook and also on my course.

First I want to say that besides the entire market being oversaturated with personal trainers, the percentage of obesity raises year by year around the world.

If each PT would take one obese person every 2 months and give them free sessions and pay for their gym membership for 1 month the percentage of obesity will decrease a lot.

I will talk about the prices that for me are the most ridiculous thing ever and also shows lots of disrespect for Doctors.

You can't learn about anatomy, nutrition, persuasion, or sales only in 3-to 4 months.

It's just an ego competition between personal trainers with collateral damages.

Each one of them wants to create a name on the market. To do this you need results. You need faster and bigger results. You need this to make a name. You want your name to become bigger on the market to be able to attract more attention to you. More attention, more clients, more money.

To do all of these you start pushing your clients more and more and more.

By doing that your clients will get injuries...and you can read, listen, and see lots of cases of injuries because of personal trainers.

Because the muscles are not ready and if the muscles are not ready your joints are in danger.

Hurting your joints is the most painful damage you can do because without movement you can't do anything.


Do lots of sessions with a personal trainer help you more?

Do lots of sessions with a personal trainer help you more?

May 22, 2022

This industry of Personal trainers is not people money orientated.

Is this concept that the harder you work, the more sessions you do/ week, the more time you put into this project of losing weight the faster the results will be.

And all of this is propaganda of this industry to invest more money or for lots of people to be like "this is not for me, I can't spend so much time, it's too hard, etc."

I realize this when I saw clients losing weight 20-30kgs in 2-3 months only with 2-3 sessions/ week, with 3 meals/ day and 2 fruits.

You can also see the results on the website

And from here is this idea that you compete, you have to lose more and

Calm down a second and try to realize that is about you, is about your health and your life.

This is real life!

This is real life!

May 20, 2022

This happened a few weeks ago.

As I told you, is about the society & the industry to create this fake idea that you can't control your weight, that you don't have the secret of this process, you can't deal with it by yourself, you need them, you need supplements, you need a persona trainer, you need a nutritionist, you need a personalized diet, etc.

But in reality, is about asking yourself some questions, seeing where the problems start and seeing what are the solutions because your health & weight is in your hands.


Do you want to know the magic formula for losing weight?

Do you want to know the magic formula for losing weight?

May 19, 2022

There is no magic formula. Personal trainers don't know a special workout routine that helps you lose weight faster.

This is a misconception created by the industry to make you believe that each personal trainer has their own secret program and you have to pay for it or buy several sessions.

Muscles are working on 2 principles, contraction and stretch.

When an exercise does these 2 things it means that you activate your muscles.

Going to the gym or starting exercising is like cooking.

If you don't have money to go out and eat or to order food but you are still hungry, you need to start cooking even if you are not a chef.

You will start learning the basics anyway, hot to cut, how to handle a knife, how to fry, how to boil, etc. And after a while, you will start mixing things, discover recipes that you like etc.

By start going to the gym, learning some basic exercises and trying to integrate this into your daily schedule after a while you can start mixing up, discover what fits for you, diversify etc.


You don’t have to create any bond with your PT

You don’t have to create any bond with your PT

May 18, 2022

There is a saying in negotiations "you don't have to show any buttons on the table" because the sales peris or with who you negotiate will press them.


By start treating your PT as a therapist and allowing him to dig into your life the more you will be vulnerable to buying more sessions and stick with him for the long term because it feeds your soul and you will not look at him as a teacher who can give him direction, showing the path, etc. 

You will look at him as a friend that you don't want to leave and you wanted to keep for a long time.

And in this scenario, you buy more and more sensations and you will not pay attention anymore to your main goal.

Do I need a personal trainer?

Do I need a personal trainer?

May 17, 2022

Do I really need a personal trainer? Or do I need an education?

Personal trainers should be like a teacher not like a drug that sticks with you for 2-3 years.
Anyway, there is a difference between personal trainers for normal people and personal trainers for athletes.

Exercising and eating healthy became like rocket science. Only personal trainers have the secret information on how to become healthier, stronger and fit and this is a marketing tactic to keep this industry alive because otherwise, this whole industry of PT will disappear in about 5 years if PTs will become teachers.

Think about all the schools and all the supplement companies that certify PT and help them make money by selling supplements.
To go and run, doing squats, push-ups, pull-ups, skipping rope, etc. You don't need a personal trainer. To understand that you must eat more veggies, fruits, regular meals, etc. You don't need a personal trainer.

For all of these, you need education. Education about basics.
You need directions.

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